Rise of Gambling Online in Australia

While gambling online is a popular pastime worldwide it is growing even faster among Australians. Australia is one of the few first world countries that affords the freedom to its citizens to gamble. Most other first world countries highly regulate the practice and even criminalize its citizens for the act. Australia has taken a different approach. Instead of criminalizing the citizen they attempt to regulate the companies that offer online gambling.

While this has worked to some extent the Australian government has little control over online casinos that are located in other parts of the world. Up until this point the Australian government has not made any effort to prosecute any of these foreign online casinos offering their services to their citizens.

“Financially its just not in our best interest.” Said a representative from the Greens party. “Most of the gambling performed by our citizens doesn’t happen on a foreign online casino and the cost associated with the small portion that does is just not worth it.”

Australia is not alone with having their citizens play at foreign online casinos. Internationally it is becoming more and more popular. Many people believe that people who live in restricted countries actually trick their Internet to look like they are in Australia so they can access these casinos. This leads to falsely elevated gambling numbers coming from the country.

Gambling online is becoming more and more popular regardless of what government interventions are occurring world wide. Some people have recognized that people will gamble regardless of what laws are in place so prohibition is a bad path to pursue. Instead, regulating online gambling seems to be a more practical pursuit. Regulations that provide citizens with certified fair play and that can help recognize and get treatment for individuals who may have an addiction.

While gambling is growing in popularity online it doesn’t mean that these people are addicted. Just like with any pastime some people take it to an unhealthy level. What the gambling laws should do at this point is help recognize who has a gambling addiction so we can seek to help those individuals as a community.

Author: Doug Rutkowski