Link: Two Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon: Understanding the Two “Best Worst Video Games”

It is one thing to hate a video game because it is bad, and another thing to love a video game for the same reason. While there are countless bad video games in the market, there are video games that are “so bad, it’s good.” In the best worst games category, the two Zelda games from the Philips CDi console fit the bill.

One has to ask first: why was the Zelda franchise in a Philips CDi console? That’s because Nintendo allowed Philips to create a Zelda game for their Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) console. Instead, Philips created its own console and with Nintendo’s permission to use the Zelda franchise, Philips made two disappointing Zelda games.

In Link: Two Faces of Evil, you play as Link, and you are summoned to destroy the evil boss named Ganon. In Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, you actually play as the Princess Zelda who travels to Gamelon in order to rescue her father, who went missing during his voyage to Gamelon to aid a friend. Both Zelda games are side-scrolling platformer games, as Link or Zelda travels to vanquish the many monsters using swords, fireballs, snowballs and other weapons. There are also non-playable characters along the way, who aid you by either selling useful items or giving you enchanted tools and equipment.

Regardless of which Zelda game you play, both of them were equally terrible due to a number of reasons. First of all, the game controls are very awkward as you need to perform a combination of buttons to bring up the status screen, to pause the game or to use an item. The game’s graphics are inconsistent as there are invisible barriers, as well as invisible platforms to land on top of. Even collecting items such as rubies are pain-staking, as you need to hit them with your sword to collect them. Even worse, some dungeons are pitch-black and you need to constantly bring up a lantern to light them, which only illuminates the room for a few seconds.

The worst part of these Zelda games – which ironically becomes the games’ best part – is the cartoonish cut-scenes and hilarious voice dialogues. The characters’ voices are hilariously awful, with the biggest offense coming from Link who sounds more of an annoying teenager than a mature hero. Also, the cinematic cut-scenes are a complete mess: the characters are either twisted or laughable, the animations are crude, and the dialogues are poorly-written. One of the most memorable cut-scenes is where Zelda vanquishes an evil wizard. As the wizard disintegrates to liquid, he cries out, “You’ve killed me!” – Zelda nonchalantly says, “Good!”

Even if gamers can’t deny that these Zelda games are some of the worst games of all time, the awful cut-scenes gained a cult following among Zelda fans. Thanks to a series of YouTube videos that mash together scenes and lines of the dialogues, the Zelda games will be remembered by many gamers – even if it’s all for the wrong reasons.

Author: Doug Rutkowski

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