Rise of Gambling Online in Australia

While gambling online is a popular pastime worldwide it is growing even faster among Australians. Australia is one of the few first world countries that affords the freedom to its citizens to gamble. Most other first world countries highly regulate the practice and even criminalize its citizens for the act. Australia has taken a different approach. Instead of criminalizing the citizen they attempt to regulate the companies that offer online gambling.

While this has worked to some extent the Australian government has little control over online casinos that are located in other parts of the world. Up until this point the Australian government has not made any effort to prosecute any of these foreign online casinos offering their services to their citizens.

“Financially its just not in our best interest.” Said a representative from the Greens party. “Most of the gambling performed by our citizens doesn’t happen on a foreign online casino and the cost associated with the small portion that does is just not worth it.”

Australia is not alone with having their citizens play at foreign online casinos. Internationally it is becoming more and more popular. Many people believe that people who live in restricted countries actually trick their Internet to look like they are in Australia so they can access these casinos. This leads to falsely elevated gambling numbers coming from the country.

Gambling online is becoming more and more popular regardless of what government interventions are occurring world wide. Some people have recognized that people will gamble regardless of what laws are in place so prohibition is a bad path to pursue. Instead, regulating online gambling seems to be a more practical pursuit. Regulations that provide citizens with certified fair play and that can help recognize and get treatment for individuals who may have an addiction.

While gambling is growing in popularity online it doesn’t mean that these people are addicted. Just like with any pastime some people take it to an unhealthy level. What the gambling laws should do at this point is help recognize who has a gambling addiction so we can seek to help those individuals as a community.

Author: Doug Rutkowski

A Guide For Sports Betting and BitcoinBookies

There are now plenty of online sports casinos that let people wager through the use of Bitcoin. These include betting on: American football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, MMA, and boxing.Through this form of betting, many sports gamblers have become more confident in placing bets on their favored teams. Additionally, using Bitcoins makes payments much easier.

The procedures in placing bets can either be done in person or online. Before placing bets, keep in mind that each state has varied gambling laws. Look them up before you start gambling.Veteran gamblers usually place their bets through a bookmaker, who maintains an account sheet. This is to keep track of the odds, bets, and winnings.If you want to join in on the thrills brought by sports betting, look up online Bitcoin sports bookies; there are plenty of them these days.

Before placing any bets, consider your odds. These are presented as moneyline odds in the United States. The number 100 is used as basis if the odds are even. A positive number is presented if your bet is going to win. A negative number is presented as the amount you need to win. You are less likely to win if the number is higher. Aim for as near to 100 as you can in order to win.

There are many kinds of bets that you can place. These can be:

  • Straight bets – The most common form. The bookmaker presents a spread. This is used to create a handicap against one team in order to favor the other. Your team wins if the number of points presented on your spread is greater.
  • Propositions – Also called “props”, these bets are placed on highly specific results. Example: predicting which team will score first.
  • Parlays –Multiple bets are placed instead of individually. This gives higher results. However, losing one event means losing the entire parlay.
  • Progressive Parlays –Compared to the previous parlays, rewards will be granted at a reduced payout. Losing one event is okay with this form of bet.
  • Teasers –Allows gamblers to place wagers on two or more games. The points are adjusted as needed by the spread.A correct guess is also needed to win. Be warned that the payouts are not as well as parlays.
  • “If” Bets –Two straight bets joined with an “if”. The second condition applies if the first complies with the bettor’s selections. Continuously adding clauses are allowed.

Why opt for Bitcoin online bookies?

In the Bitcoin gambling world, anonymity is one of the primary reasonsthat most gamblers prefer cryptocurrencies.The only things needed are a username and email address. Identity checks are unneeded through these. This process makes gambling convenient, simple, and anonymous.

The use of Bitcoins makes gambling also accessible to different countries. Even if a gamer resides in the United States, he/she may still be allowed without the fear of discrimination. Even in registering an account, you will not be asked for your location in account registration.

This can serve as basic knowledge in deciding to engage in Bitcoin Sports betting. Practicing the rules of this form of gambling can take time since betting in cryptocurreny is still relatively new.

Author: Doug Rutkowski

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Bitcoin: Getting Started

Creating a Bitcoin Account

There are various websites that would allow you to create a bitcoin account. One of which is weusecoins.org. The website contains all information that a new user would need to be able to get through the bitcoin community. This website is not the only place to create a bitcoin account. There are many other websites that can be used to create a new bitcoin wallet for further usage.

Creating a Bitcoin Wallet

In the real world, you will need a wallet or a purse to be able to keep your money at hand. The same goes for your virtual money. You will need a virtual wallet to keep track of your money. The bitcoin wallet has several types. There are Web Wallets, Software Wallets, Mobile Phone Wallets, and Hardware Wallets. There are different websites that can create bitcoin wallets, depending on the chosen type of wallet. Most people would use a Mobile Wallet as it would be more compact and handy. Seeing as though majority of the people nowadays have their own iPhone or Android, a Mobile Bitcoin Wallet would be highly appropriate. That way, you don’t need to go to your desktop computer just to send that money to a friend. Just by having your phone in your hands, it becomes possible to send your money to your friend. Software Wallets can be downloaded and run from your desktop computer. They’re more secure than a Web Wallet since there is more user privilege. Web Wallets are the easiest and most convenient to use, but less secure than a Software Wallet. A Hardware Wallet stores a part of the user’s wallet in offline hardware. This is the most secure of all since the key is encrypted and cannot be translated in plain text. Upon activating your bitcoin wallet, you should be provided with a default Bitcoin Address. This will be your public username, and will be used when people will send you bitcoins from anywhere in the world. Besides this address, you may also share a QR code that is attached to your wallet for easier transactions. Given this QR code, users will just scan the code with their phones and the transaction begins.

How Do I Earn Bitcoins?

For most users, it would be easier to just accept payments using bitcoins. That is the easiest way to earn bitcoins. Sending and receiving bitcoins would let it circulate through the entire network. Selling that branded shoes that you haven’t been using or that blu-ray DVD through bitcoin would make you earn some more. You may need to sign up on a bitcoin merchant account to send invoices for legality purposes. There are various websites online that allows users to create a merchant account. One example is bitpay.com. Another option is to purchase bitcoins. This is converting your local currency to bitcoins. The exchange rate of your local currency to bitcoins varies from country to country, so there is no exact way to measure it. Again, there are many websites over the internet that allows users to purchase bitcoins through their desired currency. Other than that, there is also the option of bitcoin mining. This one is harder compared to the first two ways of earning bitcoin as it entails more effort and hardware. You need to have a specialized bitcoin mining hardware designed to process the required verifications. This is also competitive and quite risky since there are cases when the mining would fail.

After setting up your very own bitcoin wallet, next is to find out where you can spend your bitcoins.

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