Video games plus Movies = Perfect Combination

Video games have been extremely popular this 20thcentury. We have seen the rise of video games and when it comes to entertainment. And it is no wonder why, as anyone who has played one will be able to tell you how entertaining these games are. That is why it has been incorporated into movies to provide the ultimate entertainment for people of all ages. Below are few of some famous interactive games turned and interpreted into movies.

  1. Hitman

This movie has received more lukewarm response than most. Though it was not met with a good critical review, it has been true to its video game source, Eido’s stealth series; Timothy Olyphant (Hitman, lead actor) gave justice to the material from the game. A story of a trained killer since his young age, Hitman has given amazing fight scenes and entertaining plotline, together with Olyphant’s cold demeanor and piercing gaze, which can make you believe the character’s anguish and dilemma as he came to terms with his feelings and the real world.

  1. Resident Evil

This is one of the most successful movie franchises based on video games. The beautiful and alluring Mila Jovovich plays the lead, battling the forces of the Umbrella Corporation. Directed by Paul W.S Anderson, the movie is a cross between a horror and an action movie, which proved to be successful in some parts and a failure in providing enough entertainment on most. After several films under the franchise, the movie has yet to provide any clarification and viable explanation when it comes to the story plots. However, it has proven to be a winner on giving the audience the creepy feel of an apocalyptic world and kudos for Mila for playing the lead which much enthusiasm and dedication. The film also featured several characters that stayed true to its video game source and the visual effect especially for the main monsters and villains has been nothing but astounding.

  1. Lara Croft

The most favorite sexy tomb raider, this is one of the successful video game adaptions that have lead to other movies on the same genre. This is also the movie that catapulted AngelinaJolie to stardom, as she was the perfect choice to play the role. Jolie has managed to play the role with the intelligence and candor the Lara croft on the video game was supposed to be. Although the plot was albeit forgettable, it was just fun to see Angelina outwit everyone on the two films, including the then newly recognized actor Daniel Craig, which will later moved on in playing James Bond.

  1. Prince of Persia

Most people consider the film as one of the best video game to movie adaptation. The very lovable lead character chosen to play Dastan, Jake Gyllenhall, has not taken itself too seriously, making it one of the success points of the film. The fun aspect of the video game was greatly incorporated on the film, and the two lead roles have been chosen greatly as evident by their chemistry on the whole film. A very enjoyable movie experience indeed.

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