A Primer on Bitcoin’s Provable Fairness System, and What To Do As A Gambler

The use of Bitcoin in gambling has become very popular among gamblers new and old. Provably Fair is the Bitcoin system that aims to ensure that both the player and casino would not be able to cheat and have unfair advantage over the other. Cheating has always been a problem in the industry, and a lot of gamers would say that many traditional online and brick-and-mortar gambling establishments have never been able to set up a Provable Fairness system. Most conventional casinos claim that they offer provably fair results. Realistically speaking, they only probably have provable results though. The main difference is that casinos usually know the outcomes, or in a position to dictate, while the players are oblivious of it. Casinos can actually cheat if they like and provide losing outcomes.This system is just one of many ways that Bitcoin casinos changed how people use the Internet. Finding the right casinos has been made easier with bitcoin casino reviews. Bitcoin casino reviews can be found all throughout the Internet. Some bitcoin casino reviews are biased but others include honest input.

Understanding The Provably Fair System

Provably Fair works by using cryptographic hash functions. This turns data into a string known as a hash, which has properties that make it difficult for certain data to be obtained and decoded.It is close to impossible to decode the hashes even with today’s technology.You only need to take a look at the current standing of the Bitcoin network.While there have been instances of security failures, the cryptographic network itself has not collapsed and the likelihood of it happening is pretty low.

How It Works

The complexity of the encryption, which results to the difficulty of cracking it, is why Cryptographic hash functions are well-suited for gambling using Bitcoin.With this system in place, players are assured that casinos did not change their seed for a particular play. Provable Fair works this way. Before a play even begins, the server generates the seed, which is then sent to the player as a hashed function. Then, from the player’s side (client-side), a random seed is generated and added to what was generated earlier by the server. After the bet is finalized, the player can decrypt the hash function, and from there, he can see whether what is going to occur is based on the transaction that has begun. If there is a difference in the hash, it means that there may have been manipulation or a glitch.

A single formula or even an algorithm does not exist. For example: every game of blackjack would be calculated differently.

Additionally, Bitcoin casino gambling sites may have their own ways in coming up with various outcomes for gamblers to look forward to whenever they place their bets.


Theoretically speaking however, the software of a Bitcoin casino can disconnect if a player is about to win a bet. They can tell the players that they lost connection and refuse to pay them. However, this can catch up to a community quickly and stop playing altogether. As a casino operator, you wouldn’t want that.

Another problem is that a rogue casino will not allow a player to withdraw. This gives them the opportunity to steal the players’ money. Winning a game without being able to claim your prize is never a worthwhile experience at all.

What You Should Do

You should always look for a Bitcoin casino’s provable fairness explanation. They must also be able to provide a calculation of their results that you can check. Some have features which can be used in verifying after-game results. Make sure the data that you are viewing is not manipulated in any way whatsoever and that they are calculated locally. Record your client speed, server hash, and roll outcomes. If you do that, once rouge casinos attempt manipulating data while a game is on-going, you would know what’s going on.

Author: Doug Rutkowski

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Link: Two Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon: Understanding the Two “Best Worst Video Games”

It is one thing to hate a video game because it is bad, and another thing to love a video game for the same reason. While there are countless bad video games in the market, there are video games that are “so bad, it’s good.” In the best worst games category, the two Zelda games from the Philips CDi console fit the bill.

One has to ask first: why was the Zelda franchise in a Philips CDi console? That’s because Nintendo allowed Philips to create a Zelda game for their Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) console. Instead, Philips created its own console and with Nintendo’s permission to use the Zelda franchise, Philips made two disappointing Zelda games.

In Link: Two Faces of Evil, you play as Link, and you are summoned to destroy the evil boss named Ganon. In Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, you actually play as the Princess Zelda who travels to Gamelon in order to rescue her father, who went missing during his voyage to Gamelon to aid a friend. Both Zelda games are side-scrolling platformer games, as Link or Zelda travels to vanquish the many monsters using swords, fireballs, snowballs and other weapons. There are also non-playable characters along the way, who aid you by either selling useful items or giving you enchanted tools and equipment.

Regardless of which Zelda game you play, both of them were equally terrible due to a number of reasons. First of all, the game controls are very awkward as you need to perform a combination of buttons to bring up the status screen, to pause the game or to use an item. The game’s graphics are inconsistent as there are invisible barriers, as well as invisible platforms to land on top of. Even collecting items such as rubies are pain-staking, as you need to hit them with your sword to collect them. Even worse, some dungeons are pitch-black and you need to constantly bring up a lantern to light them, which only illuminates the room for a few seconds.

The worst part of these Zelda games – which ironically becomes the games’ best part – is the cartoonish cut-scenes and hilarious voice dialogues. The characters’ voices are hilariously awful, with the biggest offense coming from Link who sounds more of an annoying teenager than a mature hero. Also, the cinematic cut-scenes are a complete mess: the characters are either twisted or laughable, the animations are crude, and the dialogues are poorly-written. One of the most memorable cut-scenes is where Zelda vanquishes an evil wizard. As the wizard disintegrates to liquid, he cries out, “You’ve killed me!” – Zelda nonchalantly says, “Good!”

Even if gamers can’t deny that these Zelda games are some of the worst games of all time, the awful cut-scenes gained a cult following among Zelda fans. Thanks to a series of YouTube videos that mash together scenes and lines of the dialogues, the Zelda games will be remembered by many gamers – even if it’s all for the wrong reasons.

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A Guide For Sports Betting and BitcoinBookies

There are now plenty of online sports casinos that let people wager through the use of Bitcoin. These include betting on: American football, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, MMA, and boxing.Through this form of betting, many sports gamblers have become more confident in placing bets on their favored teams. Additionally, using Bitcoins makes payments much easier.

The procedures in placing bets can either be done in person or online. Before placing bets, keep in mind that each state has varied gambling laws. Look them up before you start gambling.Veteran gamblers usually place their bets through a bookmaker, who maintains an account sheet. This is to keep track of the odds, bets, and winnings.If you want to join in on the thrills brought by sports betting, look up online Bitcoin sports bookies; there are plenty of them these days.

Before placing any bets, consider your odds. These are presented as moneyline odds in the United States. The number 100 is used as basis if the odds are even. A positive number is presented if your bet is going to win. A negative number is presented as the amount you need to win. You are less likely to win if the number is higher. Aim for as near to 100 as you can in order to win.

There are many kinds of bets that you can place. These can be:

  • Straight bets – The most common form. The bookmaker presents a spread. This is used to create a handicap against one team in order to favor the other. Your team wins if the number of points presented on your spread is greater.
  • Propositions – Also called “props”, these bets are placed on highly specific results. Example: predicting which team will score first.
  • Parlays –Multiple bets are placed instead of individually. This gives higher results. However, losing one event means losing the entire parlay.
  • Progressive Parlays –Compared to the previous parlays, rewards will be granted at a reduced payout. Losing one event is okay with this form of bet.
  • Teasers –Allows gamblers to place wagers on two or more games. The points are adjusted as needed by the spread.A correct guess is also needed to win. Be warned that the payouts are not as well as parlays.
  • “If” Bets –Two straight bets joined with an “if”. The second condition applies if the first complies with the bettor’s selections. Continuously adding clauses are allowed.

Why opt for Bitcoin online bookies?

In the Bitcoin gambling world, anonymity is one of the primary reasonsthat most gamblers prefer cryptocurrencies.The only things needed are a username and email address. Identity checks are unneeded through these. This process makes gambling convenient, simple, and anonymous.

The use of Bitcoins makes gambling also accessible to different countries. Even if a gamer resides in the United States, he/she may still be allowed without the fear of discrimination. Even in registering an account, you will not be asked for your location in account registration.

This can serve as basic knowledge in deciding to engage in Bitcoin Sports betting. Practicing the rules of this form of gambling can take time since betting in cryptocurreny is still relatively new.

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Bitcoin: Getting Started

Creating a Bitcoin Account

There are various websites that would allow you to create a bitcoin account. One of which is weusecoins.org. The website contains all information that a new user would need to be able to get through the bitcoin community. This website is not the only place to create a bitcoin account. There are many other websites that can be used to create a new bitcoin wallet for further usage.

Creating a Bitcoin Wallet

In the real world, you will need a wallet or a purse to be able to keep your money at hand. The same goes for your virtual money. You will need a virtual wallet to keep track of your money. The bitcoin wallet has several types. There are Web Wallets, Software Wallets, Mobile Phone Wallets, and Hardware Wallets. There are different websites that can create bitcoin wallets, depending on the chosen type of wallet. Most people would use a Mobile Wallet as it would be more compact and handy. Seeing as though majority of the people nowadays have their own iPhone or Android, a Mobile Bitcoin Wallet would be highly appropriate. That way, you don’t need to go to your desktop computer just to send that money to a friend. Just by having your phone in your hands, it becomes possible to send your money to your friend. Software Wallets can be downloaded and run from your desktop computer. They’re more secure than a Web Wallet since there is more user privilege. Web Wallets are the easiest and most convenient to use, but less secure than a Software Wallet. A Hardware Wallet stores a part of the user’s wallet in offline hardware. This is the most secure of all since the key is encrypted and cannot be translated in plain text. Upon activating your bitcoin wallet, you should be provided with a default Bitcoin Address. This will be your public username, and will be used when people will send you bitcoins from anywhere in the world. Besides this address, you may also share a QR code that is attached to your wallet for easier transactions. Given this QR code, users will just scan the code with their phones and the transaction begins.

How Do I Earn Bitcoins?

For most users, it would be easier to just accept payments using bitcoins. That is the easiest way to earn bitcoins. Sending and receiving bitcoins would let it circulate through the entire network. Selling that branded shoes that you haven’t been using or that blu-ray DVD through bitcoin would make you earn some more. You may need to sign up on a bitcoin merchant account to send invoices for legality purposes. There are various websites online that allows users to create a merchant account. One example is bitpay.com. Another option is to purchase bitcoins. This is converting your local currency to bitcoins. The exchange rate of your local currency to bitcoins varies from country to country, so there is no exact way to measure it. Again, there are many websites over the internet that allows users to purchase bitcoins through their desired currency. Other than that, there is also the option of bitcoin mining. This one is harder compared to the first two ways of earning bitcoin as it entails more effort and hardware. You need to have a specialized bitcoin mining hardware designed to process the required verifications. This is also competitive and quite risky since there are cases when the mining would fail.

After setting up your very own bitcoin wallet, next is to find out where you can spend your bitcoins.

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What is a Bitcoin?

In the modern age, humans have evolved in various ways. The once primitive society is now a fully grown industrialized world. As time pass, humans develop more and more ways to use these technologies to improve mankind’s life. To solve humanity’s case of the hassle of bringing a huge sum of money on a physical wallet, Bitcoin, a virtual currency, was created.

Bitcoin is described as the first decentralized digital currency, and is used by more than 100,000 people all over the world. This is a form of digital currency that users can send over the internet. Users are able to shop, spend, eat, or even pay bills, even without the presence of a physical wallet. Through Bitcoins, it becomes easier to buy that collector’s item in eBay, or deliver a pizza at Domino’s, or even claim that long-awaited program by Microsoft. There are thousands of retail stores all over the world that accept bitcoins as payment methods, mainly because it is as easy as sending an email to a friend. As time passes, these stores are gradually increasing due to its flexibility in design and coinage system.

Bitcoin is Peer-to-Peer

The network is made up of various users that use Bitcoins are the medium of exchange for thousands of goods and services. The system is created as “peer-to-peer”, meaning that computer users can transact directly, even without the use of an intermediary for both parties. Transactions are recorded in the network via a public ledger called the ‘block chain’, just in case either party would want to review it. This also means that the fees would be much lower for both sender and receiver, compared to transacting using a bank account or a financial institution. Since these are virtual coins, users are able to send and receive them all over the world in very little time. Just like how an email is sent in a blink of an eye, Bitcoins are also sent in the same speed to anyone all over the world.

Bitcoin as Open Source Software

Bitcoin is open-source software that is free for public manipulation. It is a type of software that users can freely review or modify to improve its system features. It contains a ‘source code’ which users can use to manipulate to change how a certain application works. In simple terms, this is the code used to create the whole program, and can be checked and modified by various computer users. This is so the system would be enhanced, not just by its creators, but also by using the creative minds of the public.

The creation of such a system is for the advancement of mankind. Now, there is no need to bring your hundreds of dollars on your pocket, just to be able to buy that dazzling dress you wanted. Through the widely accepted medium of exchange called Bitcoins, trading becomes easier, faster, and hassle-free. Life becomes easier if you have your money in your hands, minus all that hassle in putting them in your purse or your bank account.

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Video games plus Movies = Perfect Combination

Video games have been extremely popular this 20thcentury. We have seen the rise of video games and when it comes to entertainment. And it is no wonder why, as anyone who has played one will be able to tell you how entertaining these games are. That is why it has been incorporated into movies to provide the ultimate entertainment for people of all ages. Below are few of some famous interactive games turned and interpreted into movies.

  1. Hitman

This movie has received more lukewarm response than most. Though it was not met with a good critical review, it has been true to its video game source, Eido’s stealth series; Timothy Olyphant (Hitman, lead actor) gave justice to the material from the game. A story of a trained killer since his young age, Hitman has given amazing fight scenes and entertaining plotline, together with Olyphant’s cold demeanor and piercing gaze, which can make you believe the character’s anguish and dilemma as he came to terms with his feelings and the real world.

  1. Resident Evil

This is one of the most successful movie franchises based on video games. The beautiful and alluring Mila Jovovich plays the lead, battling the forces of the Umbrella Corporation. Directed by Paul W.S Anderson, the movie is a cross between a horror and an action movie, which proved to be successful in some parts and a failure in providing enough entertainment on most. After several films under the franchise, the movie has yet to provide any clarification and viable explanation when it comes to the story plots. However, it has proven to be a winner on giving the audience the creepy feel of an apocalyptic world and kudos for Mila for playing the lead which much enthusiasm and dedication. The film also featured several characters that stayed true to its video game source and the visual effect especially for the main monsters and villains has been nothing but astounding.

  1. Lara Croft

The most favorite sexy tomb raider, this is one of the successful video game adaptions that have lead to other movies on the same genre. This is also the movie that catapulted AngelinaJolie to stardom, as she was the perfect choice to play the role. Jolie has managed to play the role with the intelligence and candor the Lara croft on the video game was supposed to be. Although the plot was albeit forgettable, it was just fun to see Angelina outwit everyone on the two films, including the then newly recognized actor Daniel Craig, which will later moved on in playing James Bond.

  1. Prince of Persia

Most people consider the film as one of the best video game to movie adaptation. The very lovable lead character chosen to play Dastan, Jake Gyllenhall, has not taken itself too seriously, making it one of the success points of the film. The fun aspect of the video game was greatly incorporated on the film, and the two lead roles have been chosen greatly as evident by their chemistry on the whole film. A very enjoyable movie experience indeed.

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Bitcoin: A Look in History

Bitcoins are digital coins that are sent over the internet for transactions all over the world. These transactions are easy, efficient, and hassle-free, but how did these digital currency start? The legend began a long time ago.

The Legend Begins…

The legend began in the year 2007, where the concept of Bitcoins was carefully organized by Satoshi Nakamoto. Though unstated, it is speculated that ‘Nakamoto’ is actually a pseudonym for more than a single individual. On the 15th of August of the year 2008, an encrypted patent application was filed by three individuals; namely, Neal Kin, Vladimir Oksman, and Charles Bry. A patent grants the holder exclusive rights to exclude others from using, importing, and selling the patented innovation for a limited period of time. All three denied a connection to the supposed owner of the Bitcoin concept Satoshi Nakamoto. Three days later, Bitcoin.org was born. The domain was registered at a public domain site that currently accepts Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Rises

On the 9th of January of the year 2009, the first version, version 0.1, of Bitcoin was released. It comes with a Bitcoin generation system that would create a total of 21 million Bitcoins until the year of 2040. After three days, the Bitcoin software was tested in its very first transaction. The transaction happened between the originator of the idea and a cryptographic activist. A few months later, the exchange rate, starting at 1USD=1,309.03BTC was finally established.

Bitcoin Network Flourishes

On the 18th of February of the year 2010, the filed encrypted patent was approved and published. The first transaction in the real world which involved the use of bitcoins was made on the 22nd of May of the year 2010 by Laszlo Hanyecz, a programmer from Florida, who offered to pay 10,000 bitcoins in exchange for a pizza. After two months, the exchange value of Bitcoin increased ten times from USD0.0008/BTC to USD0.080/BTC. On August of 2010, an exploit generated 184 Billion Bitcoins. Slush’s Pool mining mined its first block at the 18th of September of 2010. Several users worked together to mine and share the awarded Bitcoins. Five months after, the domain name Weusecoins is registered and built into a Bitcoin resource. They created one of the most watched animation videos about Bitcoins. After about four months, BitPay launches the first mobile wallet for Bitcoins. On the 6th of September 2011, Mike Caldwell begins turning the digital Bitcoins to physical coins, called Casacius Coins. At 2013 of April, Bitcoin hits a USD266, up from only USD13 at 2012. The next month, the first ATM Bitcoin was established in San Diego, California. On November of the same year, Bitcoin currency value reaches USD503.10 on Mt. Gox.

Dated 28th of January of 2014, Vice Chairman of Bitcoin Foundation, Charlie Sherem resigns from his position.

Bitcoin Continues…

Despite everything that happened in the Bitcoin community, they managed to recover. In every game, there are ups and downs. What matters is how they recovered from their down moment. This is why Bitcoins remain until this very day.